Dyer Maker Studio

The Art and Craft of Sustainable Textile Design

"Dyeing to Wear It"

"Create your own Wearable Art" 

  • Experience the design process and the art of pure color, natural and vivid without the application of harmful chemicals. 

  • Pure color you can feel and wear anytime of the year. 

  • All materials are included in each workshop. 

Pre-registration required

Dyeing to Wear It : The Art of the Gift




To Register

December 16th


Travessia Urban Winery  760 Purchase St. New Bedford MA


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Artists for a day~
  • "Stir it Up"
    "Stir it Up"
  • "The Ties that Bind"
    "The Ties that Bind"
  • Undoing "The Ties that Bind"
    Undoing "The Ties that Bind"
  • "Iron Maiden"
    "Iron Maiden"
  • "Wrapture"
  • "Shiny Happy People"
    "Shiny Happy People"

Learning to Weave

Learn the basics of weaving on a four-harness loom. You will work side by side with the artist in the studio surrounded by the ambiance and history of beautiful downtown New Bedford. 

It costs $50.00 per two-hour session. Also, the artist makes house calls. Contact her for more information. All materials included. Pre-registration required.




Registration Deadline


By Appointment

139 Union St. New Bedford

Call to inquire about details.

Send an email to dyermakerstudio@gmail.com.

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