Dyer Maker Studio

         Creating Community through Color

"Dyeing to Wear It"

  • Be an artist for a day and create your own wearable art!

    Experience the design process with the art of pure color.

    All dyes are natural and extracted without the use of harmful chemicals.

    Pure, vivid color you can feel and wear anytime of the year. 

    All materials are included in each workshop. 

    Classes vary in style and are filled with fun, laughter and interesting history. 

    C’mon, you know you’re “Dyeing to Wear It”!

Pre-registration required

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Dyer Maker Studio is a mobile, textile maker space based in downtown New Bedford, MA.
Traveling locally and abroad.

Fiber Art
The Art of Weaving 
 The Art of Spinning Wool
  • "Stir it Up"
    "Stir it Up"
  • "The Ties that Bind"
    "The Ties that Bind"
  • Undoing "The Ties that Bind"
    Undoing "The Ties that Bind"
  • "Iron Maiden"
    "Iron Maiden"
  • "Wrapture"
  • "Shiny Happy People"
    "Shiny Happy People"