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About The Artist

Environmental Alchemist Rhonda M.Fazio, is a graduate of art history from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth (UMD).

Prior to UMD, she studied Professional Craft: Fiber and Clay at Haywood Community College near Asheville, North Carolina - an area rich with the influence and philosophy of Black Mountain College.

Ms. Fazio has been a resident artist for summer camps and schools from Maine to New York where she teaches the art of natural dyeing and sustainable textile design. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries, museums, and historical societies in Massachusetts.  She teaches "Dyeing to Wear It" in libraries all over the Commonwealth.

For more information on workshops and residencies, please contact the artist.

Artist’s Statement

“My years of research as an artisan assimilate the textile design methods of ancient and indigenous cultures with the agrarian culture of Western Civilization. A portion of my philosophy is to incorporate the early American cottage industry as a redevelopment of an economic process in the 21st century.

The approach to my work relies more on the human process of design rather than the mechanized version of it. I have been working as an artist for over 20 years; however, my influences span millennia drawing on the earliest sustainable materials.

My work is largely produced without the use of fossil fuel. I am currently a regional artist in the South Coast of Massachusetts. I teach sustainable textile design workshops and facilitate my natural dye and historical textile research.

Learn more about Ms. Fazio’s work by contacting Dyer Maker Studio in New Bedford, Massachusetts today.

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